my journey

From papers to people.


Hi and welcome!

Originally from Paris, where I grew up in a French and German multicultural family, I moved to the UK in 2007 to work in a science lab at University College London (UCL). I then completed a Masters in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, published several scientific articles in international, peer-reviewed journals and secured a Wellcome Trust scholarship to pursue a PhD in neuroscience and electrophysiology.

According to my big perfect plan, I had it all. But, deep down, I knew something was missing. I wasn't meant to wear a lab coat for the rest of my life. So I made one of the scariest decisions of my life and turned down my promising PhD.

While I loved the intellectual challenge academia provided, it was too removed from working 'hands on' with people. This led me to explore other career options, from clinical psychology to science teaching, and ultimately to train as a coach. 

My working time is divided between facilitating teams in leading organisations and one to one coaching. 

I love to challenge existing ways of doing things and bring my scientific and artistic mindset to everything I do. My expertise is in understanding the mechanisms that allow shifts in cognitive and behavioural patterns to facilitate change and transformation. I help my clients harness these to achieve the results they are seeking.

I am passionate about shifting people's relationship to conflict.

Experience has shown me that constructive conflict is the birthplace of top team performance, creative solutions and impactful leadership. This is why I am launching The School of Conflict this summer.

I live in London with my partner Mark and our adorable baby daughter Sophie, who remains my greatest teacher.

When I am not trying to stay on top of being an entrepreneurial mum, I love to create art. Painting and illustration are my favourite hobbies, alongside pilates, walks in nature and trips to visit my family in France and Germany.


qualifications AND MORE:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute
  • MSc Neuroscience (University of Oxford)
  • BA Psychology (American University of Paris)
  • Accredited Mediator (London School of Mediation)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in the Therapeutic Arts (University of East London)
  • Faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute
  • Co-Active Leadership® Graduate through The Coaches Training Institute
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
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